From valley to valley

I owe it to my grandparents and parents that I have been connected to the Ticino valley called Centovalli since my earliest childhood. This bondage has been transferred to my wife Marianne and our whole family. So our grandchildren Sonja and Raphael are the fifth generation that repeatedly finds its way to the Valley of the Hundred Valleys.

In 1996, Marianne and I emigrated to the Okanagan Valley in southwestern Canada. Since then, each of our stays in the Centovalli has been limited to a few intense days that evoke countless memories. From these memories and our lives in a valley that is 10’000 kilometers from Ticino, short texts and photos are to be found at irregular intervals in the section “FROM VALLEY TO VALLEY” (only on the German-speaking part of the website). In the section “WORKING TABLE” I would like to report about new projects.

The idea for the blog I found on the website A glance at the webcam shows the world the beauty of this area.